Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hood Mod: Top down

Someone on Ravelry contacted me about doing a top-down version of the hood. She'd decided to do this because she was afraid she was a little short on yarn and better the mantle portion should be short than the hood, right?

Anyway, she wanted my advice about arranging the markers to do increases down from the neck ribbing.

Uh. Err. Augh.

After much hairpulling and pencil-gnawing, I think, if you take your 93 stitches and arrange them thusly:

(5 moss) 21 st-st | 21 st-st | 0 | 20 st-st | 21 st-st (5 moss)

where | = the marker, that should get you set up to do the increases going down in good order. The two middle markers won’t have any stitches between them to start with as that’s the point of the triangle-shaped centre section.

I haven't heard back on how this worked out for her yet; if anyone else tries this, let me know how it comes out.

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